Latest Winners

Lynnelle B.

Feilding, Manawatu District

$5000 MustHaveIt Promotion 2021-2022 Draw #2 Winner-Drawn on 11th March 2022

“Wow… No words, just wowwee, thank you so much, great birthday surprise!”

Past Winners

Sophie R.

Greenway ACT

$5000 MustHaveIt Promotion 2021-2022 Draw #1 Winner-Drawn on 23rd September 2021

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am extremely blessed to have won this money. It has quite literally changed my whole world. Shoutout to Jeremy for being so great at his job!"

Barry G.

Bomaderry, NSW

$5000 MustHaveIt Promotion 2020-2021 Draw #1 Winner-Drawn on 11 March 2021

"Thanks for providing me the chance to win this competition. I will have great pleasure in sharing it with local businesses. Regards Barry"

Bernard L.

Castle Hill, NSW

$5000 MustHaveIt Promotion 2020-2020 Draw #2 Winner-Drawn on 28 September 2020

"I wish to thank MustHaveIt for running this competition and am grateful, happy to be the winner. I will use this winning to travel around regional Australia and help their economy in this very difficult Covid time. I also thank Jeremy for assisting me in claiming the prize and his patience. Keep safe."

Nina M.

Wyongah, NSW

$5000 MustHaveIt Promotion 2019-2020 Draw #1 Winner-Drawn on 9 March 2020.

"I absolutely can't believe I answered a phone call and was told I'd won $5000 cash! What a shock, a very exciting shock! I never win anything - Tickled PInk! I didn't think anyone ever won these competitions. But guess what.. I won! Thank you so much you made an awful year shine. I am so very lucky"